Writing about my Halloween weekend because I want to pretend that homework doesn’t exist for a little bit longer.

On Friday I went to DISNEYLAND! with Kat, Melissa, Cho, Son, Lauren, Jon, Archel, Philip, and Loie! I finally got an annual pass on Friday too! Fun, fun, fun :) 

On Saturday, I was supposed to go to a masq ball, but something came up and my plans ended up changing. I was invited to go watch Paranormal Activity 3 with some other drivers, and I didn’t want to do nothing on a Saturday night when I thought I had plans so I decided to go. OKAY, so this is the first paranormal movie I’ve ever seen and it was scary, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. I was able to sleep alone in my room last night. Maybe I’m just not that afraid of scary movies…because I never watch them haha. After the movie we were supposed to go to Newport for another driver’s kickback…but plans changed again. So we ended up hanging out at one of their friend’s apartments in camino. Too much fun with my “bus fam” and friends :) 

Tomorrow’s Halloween! But I have work and an essay due on Tuesday :( I can’t wait for this quarter to end so I can finally be done with writing. 2nd set of midterms is coming up, time to get serious again. 

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