Spring Break (Friday-Monday) 

it’s been pretty good so far :) Just the break I needed from school.

Friday (03/23) - After work, chilled with some coworkers and drove back home from Irvine.  Went to Disneyland with Vanessa and ate at Rainforest Cafe :)

Saturday (03/24) - Hung out with my brother. Sold clothes to buffalo exchange $$$. Ate at Rubio’s and got Frostbites for dessert :3

Sunday (03/25) - Planned to get Ramen with my brother, and Vanessa wanted to come along. Got Sumo Size Milk Tea from Oko Cafe for the first time :O It’s soo much, I shared with Peter. Went to mass with my siblings and Vanessa. Bought my sister her birthday gift. Visited Kristina before she left for school. Got Krispy Kreme with Vanessa and Kat. Reunited~

Monday (Today) - Sauna with Vanessa, Eat @ Joe’s, Target (Jason Wu stuff was on sale hehe), Palos Verdes with Vanessa and Melissa. Ate at Veggie Grill (vegetables…that taste like meat?!) for dinner and got Handel’s Ice Cream for dessert.

This is just the break I needed. 

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