WDYWT 070611

White Button Up - Jetrag $1
American Apparel Black Cordoury Shorts
Black Skinny Belt
Red Dolce Vita Wedges - Thrifted

Today: Chipotle. Costco. Petco. Filipino BBQ Place. Then Loie picked me up and we “surprised” Melissa for her birthday after they came back from the sytycd taping. I noticed as I was leaving Melissa’s that my shoe was breaking -____- so now I have to super glue the heel back. I really like this button up I got from jet rag for only a buck! The quality is pretty durable, it says it was tailored in Hong Kong, and I love the dual front pockets and that it’s collarless. When I rolled up the sleeves I discovered it had buttons on the top of the sleeve for a reason! Tried doing something a little menswear inspired, the master roll, but you can’t really tell because it’s a white shirt. I love simple, plain outfits because I prefer to focus on the details. 

I tried to use my camera for this…but I’m too lazy to stand in front of a camera then run back and forth. Ugly photos so I played with the tones :( I take better photos outside. Oh well. I included my face because sometimes I try to coordinate my clothes with my makeup. So I’m wearing black eyeliner and Revlon Wine with Everything lipstick. I should’ve taken photos before I left, but I changed 5 minutes before Loie told me he was coming…

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