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Writing about my Halloween weekend because I want to pretend that homework doesn’t exist for a little bit longer.

On Friday I went to DISNEYLAND! with Kat, Melissa, Cho, Son, Lauren, Jon, Archel, Philip, and Loie! I finally got an annual pass on Friday too! Fun, fun, fun :) 

On Saturday, I was supposed to go to a masq ball, but something came up and my plans ended up changing. I was invited to go watch Paranormal Activity 3 with some other drivers, and I didn’t want to do nothing on a Saturday night when I thought I had plans so I decided to go. OKAY, so this is the first paranormal movie I’ve ever seen and it was scary, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. I was able to sleep alone in my room last night. Maybe I’m just not that afraid of scary movies…because I never watch them haha. After the movie we were supposed to go to Newport for another driver’s kickback…but plans changed again. So we ended up hanging out at one of their friend’s apartments in camino. Too much fun with my “bus fam” and friends :) 

Tomorrow’s Halloween! But I have work and an essay due on Tuesday :( I can’t wait for this quarter to end so I can finally be done with writing. 2nd set of midterms is coming up, time to get serious again. 


That app is amazing. I’ve been resetting it for facebook, but I’m letting myself have a break and un-listed tumblr…for now. I haven’t been on facebook since Sunday, hehe.

  • Giving up shifts and picking up shifts. Got to get those A’s and got to make that $$$.
  • Fell asleep in Chem lecture today, like full on dreaming sleep, I have never done that before…ever. Good thing the material she was covering isn’t on my midterm on Friday. That’s what I get for waking up at 6AM yesterday and not sleeping until 12AM, school and work take all of my time :T 
  • But I did get to nap today after my first shift and before my second shift. 
  • Not too worried about my Ochem midterm…but I should be. 
  • So…how many more weeks until Thanksgiving Break?

Alright, I need to study for Ochem…time to add tumblr to the blacklist. 

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Paid today! :)

  • That mean’s I have to start figuring how much of my paycheck this week goes to what.
  • I need to pay for my car insurance, put away some money for my parking permit, and pay off the gas purchases I made with my credit card — having a car is too expensive!
  • Opened a new savings account for my study abroad funds. I need to decide how much of my paycheck is going to go to my “Study Abroad Savings”. 
  • Need to allocate some of my paycheck for groceries/clubs/other necessities.
  • Wasn’t planning on picking up any shifts since I work 16 hrs/week, but I think I will to make some extra $$$.
  • Trying to budget makes me feel more like an adult…but I’m just a kid :( 

Cash rules everything around me, and it sucks. 

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I’m about to write about my life…

So far, so good. Starting off my second year of college on a good note. I admit I was nervous meeting my apartment mates, I mean what if I was in the same situation as last year? But I can say that this year is totally different. My apartment mates are so sweet and nice, and I’ve had so much fun with them. Today we cooked pasta with some friends for dinner and just brought food from all of our different apartments to share. Honestly, I’m feeling so much better about this year. I feel more confident and happy.

Yesterday at the shuttle orientation meeting I was talking to a driver who was also a bio major and was going to be a 3rd year. I told her I was worried about taking OChem and Genetics and she said she got A’s all through OChem! Like, she did average her first year like I did, but for some reason OChem and genetics and everything just clicked, maybe because it’s less general. That was super reassuring for me. Plus talking about professors and just relaxing. 

As for shuttle driving. Not too bad! Meeting other drivers is fun and I make friends while sitting at stops. I was 20 minutes early to my next shift so I was sitting there with my vest on so someone started asking me about the routes and how driving was. I also made friends with a 2nd year named Vincent and a 1st year named Ryan HAHA, I was just talking about the ARC and driving and the job. And once my shift started he was like, “oh no don’t kill me! I’ll haunt you if you do” but you know I just told him “Don’t worry I got this!” That was fun, the ride along driver with me was really chill and funny.

Ride along driver: “It’s starting to become fall weather. Fall weather is my favorite. And winter. And spring…And summer.

Me: So…you like all seasons? Haha

I had to drive the Late Night @ the Arc Route shuttle. Cuhhhraaaazzy. The buses got so packed. So many freshman asking if the shuttles went to Mesa or Middle. And the ARC was super crowded especially with the food trucks!  

I spent so much on my books this year :/ But at least I’m working again so I can get paid! Nervous for classes, especially writing, but I’m feeling more reassured after talking to other people about it. Oh, and I love my apartment and having my own room! Definitely so much better (and cheaper) than dorming. Yup, so I’m learning to utilize the shuttles more. Going to try to balance school and work. Take it easy with classes. And just try to have a good year. 


Just boring stuff about my day.

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Today Vanessa and I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific for our volunteer orientation! I’m really glad that they let us interview together because I was not in the mood to talk and I felt more comfortable. After we told our interviewer what our majors were…he told us it made sense and he could tell by talking to us o.O So I guess you can tell Vanessa has a Management personality and I have a Biology personality…what. I’m kind of thinking that guy was just making up stuff…but whatever. I’m so excited, we’re going to volunteer in the gift shop! RETAIL EXPERIENCE!! 

After, Vanessa and I decided to walk around because…we were already inside the Aquarium so why not?! Aquarium and parking for free!…the best things in life are free. The crabs and lobsters…looked so delicious. HAHAHA. So wrong…but we love seafood. We ate at Long Beach Fish Grill. The cashier was so cute and polite…agh I love polite people. Then I took Vanessa to Cha for Tea since it was her first time. And she got a 10% off her next purchase customer appreciation card since it was her first time -_____- I have been to Cha multiple times and I never got one of those :( I’m going to lie next time. Good days and long car ride talks are the best. 

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